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Hello All,


Actually I am analysing the FEM software FEAP, it is a free FEM software that can be downloaded from:

Anyone here knows if the software can run ONLY in cmd ?

I mean, I generate an input file I call the solver than the solver generates an output file without opneing any window in my desktop or in my cmd?


Fernando Romagnoli 




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Fatigue to Fracture - paper in print

This article will appear in Journal of ASTM International.  I hope you find it useful.

Xiao-Yan Gong, President, medical implant mechanics LLC


Design Optimization Software HEEDS v5.3 Released

Red Cedar Technology recently released its latest version of their design optimization and process automation software, HEEDS v5.3. It has direct interfaces to Abaqus, LS-DYNA, and other tools.

Check out the press release, or go read about the new features.

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NDE residual stress

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More information about residual stress tester

Assigning Hardness to part in Abaqus

Hello Friends,

I am working with abaqus since last year,

I am facing the problem in assigning the hardness property to the material in Abaqus.

If some one knows ,how to Assign a hardness in Abaqus Please let me Know.

Wear Couple Charactersistics - CRES 347, 17-4 PH and Phosphor Bronze

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Can anybody throw some light on the wear coupling characteristics between SS347 and 17-4 PH, as well as between Phosphor Bronze and 17-4 PH Steel?

It will be helpful if you could refer to some literature where I can learn about Wear Coupling Characteristics...

Thank You,


bifurcation buckling using ABAQUS

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The following is taken from the book Concepts and applications of Finite element methods by Cook, Malkus and Plesha.

 For bifurcation buckling, we have the following eigenvalue problem:

(K+Lambda Ksigma)delta d= 0 

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Question about stochastic Finite Elements

Hi to the community !

I would like to ask if anyone have some experience with stochastic finite elements in an industrial context ?

Would you know some software (free or commercial) package for stochastic finite elements ?

Why do I have the feeling that sfem methods which look to be very promising aren't used much in practice ? Am I wrong when I say that ?

Thank you very much for any help about that !

Thomas Laverne


lagrange multiplier and contact elements

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I would like to know how contact elements are different from " general "ie non contact finite elements.

Also I would like to know how Lagrange multiplier method is used in contcat analysis.


My understanding of the Lagrange multiplier is like this: when we have to impose a constraint equation

[C][D]=[Q] as constraint between DOFs, we incude a term Y*{[[C][D]-[Q]} where Y is the Lagrange multiplier ,in the potential energy functional and minimize the functional  to get the algebraic equations.

non linear analysis

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I am trying to learn non linear FEA ( Newton Raphson method)and this is what my understanding is. Kindly advise if you think my understanding is correct.

1) At the beginning of the analysis, I am using a small load step and using the current stiffess matrix ( which I am designating as initial tangent stiffness) I am solving for the initial displacement step for this load.

Here my question is: How this initial  tangent stiffness is calculated?

 The way I look at it:

Are you looking for KEO Carbon Pedals

Are you searching for KEO carbon Pedals; The Attending KEO Carbon pedal embodies the absolute antithesis amid weight and performance. Twenty years ago if attending aboriginal invented the blow beneath pedal it afresh too was the criterion for all others that followed. At one time Shimano pedals could use attending fabricated cleats and you can see today similarities afresh with Shimano's use of an Attending block attending akin (no pun intended) in their SPD-SL design.

Is there a failure criterion/model for brittle spheres?

Hi, everyone

I am a student. I am  dealing with a failure problem of brittle spheres. These have a lot of flaws inside.I did some compression tests. Single spheres are crushed by a pair of parallel plates. I got the crush load distribution (in terms of critical contact force). 

My question is:

is there a failure criterion/model which relates to load(critical contact force), Youngs moduli and Poisson ratios of shpere and plates, radius and friction coefficient?

Interlaminar Stresses

Dear Sir/Madam,

Interlaminar stresses in Composites

I have modelled Plain Stress problem in hypermesh(Input deck is created in Hypermesh to solve in Abaqus).Layup sequence is [0/90/90/0], am getting the Stresses( σ11, σ22, σ12) in top and bottom layers only, but unable to get the stresses at each Interface, If any one knows how to write the code, please reply back.

Hi, I've a doubt in ANSYS

My doubt is in transient dynamic analysis.

take a simple model of 40*2*1 m dimensions.Applying brick45 material. with e=2.069e11N/m2

poissons ratio= .3

density= 7830kg/m3

first performing modal analysis with just arresting displacements in 1 side in subspace method and getting 10 sets of frequencies..

then performing transient dynamic analysis in mode superposition method with dynamic loads.and solve it

Announcement: Moceon launches new website

Moceon; world leading experts in high quality all hexahedral meshing, today announces the launch of their website

Based on the Spatial Twist Continuum, which was discovered by the founder in 1992, a new method has been developed into a commercial level software package that is being rolled out first as a premium high quality hex meshing service.

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Concrete tied arch

Respected imehanicians!
                      I am a tackling an important problem about the behavior of concrete tied arch. Each concrete arch rests on two steel I-beams. The steel I-beams are supported at their ends. They are connected at various locations along their length by tie rods. A picture is worth 1000 words  basic figure.pdf.

mold filling simulation with flo3d


I want to simulate mold filling of a bar mold with a semisolid alloy by means of FLOW3D cfd package. but there are some problem. for example when I input a file I encounter an error like "level   1 error in subroutine rdstl: level   1 error in subroutine rdstl"in preprocessor. what can I do? does my .stl file have any faults?

other problem with another project is that when i want to solve the problem I encounter an error like "convective flux exceeded stability limit".repeatedly. is my meshing insufficient? how can I solve that too?

What is the Shore A hardness used for?

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The Shore A and D hardness tests are widely used by the rubber industry.  However, I'm not sure what practical use these numbers can be put to during design.  My current feeling is that Shore hardness numbers can at best give you a feel for the texture of the rubber - a Shore A value of 5 = gummy bear texture, Shore A = 40 implies erasure texture etc.

Can someone explain how Shore hardness values can be used in the design of mechanical components made of rubber?

Thanks in advance,

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Nasa engineers work overnigth in competition against other Nasa engineers !!

NASA Engineers Work on Alternative Moon Rocket

By Jay Reeves
Associated Press Writer
posted: 14 July 2008
05:23 pm ET

2nd position in the oil industry

Our Agency, Reliability Analysis Associates, Inc., is seeking candidates for the "Manager, Methods and New Product Support" position described below.   Note that the position requires significant work experience in industry.  Salary range: $90K - $130K per year.




Analysis Associates, Inc.

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Chicago, IL 60610

Position in the oil industry

Analysis Associates, Inc.

1440 North Lake Shore Drive, #30F,
Chicago, IL 60610

312-274-0542;  Fax: 312-274-0574;  E-mail:

Specializing in
the recruitment of Reliability, Maintainability,


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