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Stochastic finite elements

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PhD position in multi-scale modeling for robust-design of vibrating micro sensors

 The project

This project aims at improving the efficiency of the manufacturing process of MEMS while decreasing the production cost by considering at the design stage the uncertainties in such a way that a range of the MEMS properties can be predicted for the manufactured products, which will be immune to factors that could adversely affect performance. This approach is called robust design and it is focused on achieving target reliability.

Post-doctoral position in Computational Stochastic Mechanics, Nantes, France

Post-doctoral position - Stochastic computational techniques to deal with uncertainties on the geometry in structural analysis

The post-doctoral student will join the pole "Structures and Couplings" of the Research Institute en Civil Engineering and Mechanics (GeM), Nantes, France (Nantes University, Ecole Centrale Nantes, CNRS UMR 6183)

We have recently been awarded a Research Project by the French National Research Agency. This project addresses theorical and numerical developments in the field of stochastic computational mechanics. The main goal of this project is to develop a robust computational technique to deal with uncertainties on the geometry in structural analysis. The proposed methodology lies on the extension of the Extended Finite Element Method (X-FEM) into the stochastic framework and the development of efficient computational techniques for solving stochastic systems.

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