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How to plot path length over time in Abaqus?

Dear Abaqus users,

I intend to plot the true distance of a path over all the steps of my simulation. 

One way is to create xy-data of an arbitrary output field over the true distance of the path, for each step.  Do you have any suggestion how I can get (true distance vs time) straightforwardly and faster?  

Thank you for your time and consideration 


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Question about postprocessing in ABAQUS


 I am using Abaqus for a structural analysis problem. In the results I have stress distribution over the structure. I can use odb file to see the distribution of stresses as a function of space and time. 

I want to plot stress at a particular node as a function of time (and may be also stress distibution w.r.t. space coordinates at some instant of time). I have some general idea about the result file that can be generated from Abaqus and can be accessed. I am reading more about it but I am not sure if this is the right way.

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