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Postdoctoral Position Opening at Stanford University

Prof. Wei Cai at the Mechanical Engineering Department of Stanford University is seeking a postdoctoral researcher to lead a project on the modeling of dislocations dynamics in the presence of hydrogen.  The major task of this project is to enable/perform Dislocation Dynamics simulations with hydrogen effects using the ParaDiS program. Molecular dynamics simulations may be required to provide physical input to the Dislocation Dynamics model.  The postdoctoral researcher is also expected to collaborate with external experimentalists working on this project.

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Postdoc position on multi-physics degradation model for facade materials in the National University of Singapore

A postdoc position is available in the National University of Singapore, on the development of a multi-physics degradation model for building facade materials. Description and application details are provided below.

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Two fully funded PhD position in scientific machine learning and additive manufacturing at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Two fully-funded PhD positions are available in the lab of smart manufacturing and smart materials at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in the area of scientific machine learning and additive manufacturing. Our research concentrates on the development of physics-based machine learning and its application for computational design of functional materials, and multiscale and multiphysics modeling for AM.


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Elsevier is recruiting for a Managing Editor in Mechanical Engineering

The job opportunity is posted here on behalf of Elsevier. Please refer to the detailed description in the link below:

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Fully funded PhD position on developing a multi-physics model for 3D printing of composite materials at Technical University of Denmark, Department of Wind Energy. Deadline: Sep. 15, 2021

Are you interested in 3D printing of high-performance composite structures?

Do you have a good background in thermo-mechanical modeling?

Are you interested in advancing new manufacturing techniques for fabricating sustainable composite materials used in wind turbines?

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Postdoc position at UC Merced

We are looking for a creative, enthusiastic, self-motivated, and qualified postdoctoral researcher to work on modeling and simulations for metallic additive manufacturing. 

Research Faculty Position in Digital Engineering - University of Texas at El Paso


The Aerospace Center at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) has a research faculty position in the area of Digital Engineering specifically for aerospace engineering development.  This position is currently funded for two years, but we expect either recurring funding or the possibility of moving into a full-time position.  We are looking for talented individuals with a solid background in CAD/CAE, numerical methods, and design methodologies.  In addition, machine learning and data science experience is valued.  Salary is competitive.

Postdoc fellowship available at BUAA, China

A two-year/three-year fellowship named as the Hundred-Talent Postdoc Fellowship is available at Beihang University. Beihang University, also known as Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA), has always been ranked No. 1 in Aerospace Engineering among all the universities in China.

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Fully funded Ph.D. Positions in Multiscale Mechanics and Materials

A fully supported Ph.D. position is open immediately in Advanced Hierarchical Materials by Design Lab at the University of Alabama on multiscale modeling of materials and processes. The research goal of this project is to model the additive manufacturing process and develop new alloys for additive manufacturing. During this projects, the candidate will have the opportunity to collaborate with NASA research centers, national labs, and different universities across the nation. 


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Open PhD Position in Atomistic and Multiscale Computational Mechanics at the University of Alabama

A fully funded PhD position is available as early as Spring, 2022 in Dr. Ning Zhang’s research group at the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa), the department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics. This position is in the general area of mechanics, structural and multifunctional materials with focus on mechanical and thermal properties.

The research topics include:

(1)  Polymer composites;

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One Ph.D. position available in mechanics of materials/data science area

One Ph.D. position is available in mechanics of materials/data science area in Multiscale Materials Modeling Lab at University of Arkansas. The starting date is Spring 2022.

Students who have master’s or bachelor’s degree in physics, mechanical or materials engineering with computational or experimental background are encouraged to apply. 

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Faculty Position in MAE at Syracuse University

The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) Department at Syracuse University is seeking applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in the field of Solid Mechanics. This position is part of an ambitious Invest Syracuse Cluster Hire Initiative in the broad area of bioinspired science and technology.

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Ph.D. position at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Two Ph.D. positions are available for January 2022 at the Multiscale Material Modeling Lab at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The Ph.D. students will develop and use tools such as machine learning, finite elements, and molecular dynamics to study the mechanical properties of materials. If interested please email your CV to

PhD positions at UBC Vancouver

Two fully funded PhD positions are available in my research group at UBC, Vancouver in the area of mechanics of architected and fibrous materials. These positions are fully funded and expected to be filled before January 2022, or sooner .  Ideal candidate will have  (a) completed a research level Masters degree (in exceptional cases a Batcherlor's degree) in the area of solid mechanics, (b) aptitude and interest to pursue independent research under supervision, (c) strong written and spoken technical communication skills, (d) skills in modelling and experiments.

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Postdoc positions at UC Berkeley

The Gu Research Group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley has postdoctoral positions available. The positions will involve developing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and multi-physics modeling approaches to design novel materials with superior properties and functionalities. There are two positions available with the following descriptions and skills:


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Postdoc position in computational modeling for materials discovery at RPI

We are inviting applications for a postdoctoral research associate position to work on an exciting project at the intersection of machine learning, computational mechanics, and materials science.  The project will accelerate the fundamental understanding of the influence of composition and microstructure on the phase stability and properties of multicomponent materials, and to use such an understanding to optimize their performance in high temperature conditions. The ideal candidate will develop computational modeling technology for materials discovery worki

Scientist position available at IHPC, A*STAR, Singapore

The Institute of High Performance Computing, part of A*STAR in Singpore, is seeking a talented, motivated researcher to hire with extensive experience in computational mechanics: 

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Postdoc and PhD positions available at NC State University

We have multiple postdoc and PhD positions available in the broad areas of nanomechanics and soft electronics. Please follow the link below if you are interested. Thank you!

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Postdoc position in atomistic simulations at the University of Manitoba, Canada

We currently have one opening for postdoc position at the Unviersity of Manitoba, Canada in the area of atomistic simulations of the electronic structure and physical properties of metallic systems. The position will investigate the correlation between the electronic structures and the physical properties (e.g., thermodynamics, corrosion/wear, and plasticity, etc.) of metals by using molecular dynamics and density functional theory simulations. 

Supervisor: Dr. Chuang Deng (

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Faculty Position in MechE at Boston University

The college of engineering at Boston University has embarked on a bold new strategic plan that will pursue excellence and impact along six convergent and collaborative research themes:  (1) Intelligent, Autonomous and Secure Systems, (2) Synthetic Biology, Tissue Engineering and Mechanobiology, (3) Energy, Sustainability and Climate, (4) Materials by Design (5) Photonics and Optical Systems, and (6) Neuroengineering, Neuroinformatics, and Neuroscience. The Department of Mechanical Engineering (MechE) is conducting a search at the Assistant Professor rank (pending provost approval).

Postdoc position in Dislocation Dynamics Simulations of Dislocation Patterning

In our center: “The physics of metal plasticity” we conduct basic science to reveal the physical mechanisms governing the mechanical properties of metals, such as strength and formability. When metals are deformed plastically, dislocations (defects in the crystal lattice) multiply and self-organize in 3D patterns. We have developed a hard X-ray microscope at the European Synchrotron Radiation Source (ESRF) that for the first time allows visualization of how these patterns form.


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