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parametric study

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reflection and transmission coefficients in long elastic bars


Dear iMechanica Community,

I'd like to ask for advice on modelling reflection and transmission coefficients when two bars with different cross-sectional areas contact each other and are exposed to pulse loading.

I have modelled this process in Abaqus/Explicit as a two-dimensional simulation. The investigation was conveniently done as a parametric study, defining the lateral dimension as parameter. Both bars are slim (length 2 m, diameter 2 cm) and elastic.

Gatherin results from multiple points in the parametric study

Hi everybody! 

I am doing a large parametric study of a composite shaft. I am working with 5 variables and the number of simulations and data will be quite big. 

I would like to gather results automatically on a circumferential path around the shaft. (About 60 elements) 
Is it possible to do it with a "gather" command - I think that only one node/integration point can be defined at "gather" command. 

Has anyone already done something like that and how did you solve the problem. 

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loop inside a .psf file (parametric study file) in abaqus to get field variable output

Dear all,

Does anybody how we can put a loop (for example while loop) inside a .psf (parametric study) file in abaqus?

For example a loop on all the increments we want to get a field variable output. Take a look at the following code:


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