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How to model hybrid composite in ABAQUS?

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Hello everyone,

Merge mesh in Abaqus

Hi I tried to mesh these two plates with two cases having different geometries. I am trying to achieve something similar in complex geometry in abaqus. But I think the problem is with shapes or if it is something else, please help me with this. I tried in solid elements too it did not work either. I have attached image where you can see two cases 

Please see the attached file for detailed view

Simpleware Case Study: Homogenisation of the Material Properties of Multi-Phase Materials

Simpleware Double Precision Shell

Modelling large structures containing multiple phases over much shorter length scales is often very difficult. Learn how Double Precision Consultancy in the UK solved this problem using Simpleware software when analysing a Mussel shell acquired using X-ray tomography.


How do i add a reinforcement beam to a door of a car at the front using the ls dyna contact card CONSTRAINED_RIGID_BODY ?

Simpleware Case Study: Reverse Engineering Automotive Parts

Simpleware for automotive NDE and reverse engineering

Reverse engineering and analysing industrial automotive parts can be a challenge, given the complexity of materials used and the need for precision when processing image data. Researchers have used Simpleware ScanIP to overcome these difficulties in a project involving the conversion of CT data of a cylinder head into a high-quality 3D model suitable for inspecting defects and exporting simulation-ready meshes.

Simpleware Webinar: Automotive Applications, Tuesday Nov 24 2015

Simpleware for Automotive Webinar

Tuesday Nov 24, 2015 - 8:00am-9:00am GMT (London)

Tuesday Nov 24, 2015 - 5:00pm-6:00pm GMT (London)


ABAQUS - increase the size of the interior elements

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Hello everyone,

I am currently working on modelling ITZ zones in concrete 2D microstructure. ITZ is the cement paste zone near the surface of aggregate which differs in properties from bulk cement paste. The thichness of ITZ zone ranges from 10-50 micrometer (0.01 - 0.05 mm). The size of RVE I am using is 100X100 mm which makes ITZ a very fine detail in my microstructure. I have created a instance in abaqus merging all parts, Aggregate, ITZ and Matrix( Cement Paste).

I seeded the instance with using these parameter:

Global Size: 2

ABAQUS XFEM error message: std_findcutoneedge3d8_xfem

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Hi everyone,

After switching from a working 2D model to 3D, I'm facing the following error message after about 20 iteration steps:

The system error in std_findcutoneedge3d8_xfem -- nodal level set values might not be correct for element 12345 instance FEM_MODEL_V1

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Periodic displacement loads decompose with 4 load steps in Abaqus

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 I want to simulate a dynamic motion of a pipe under periodic displacement loads.

ABAQUS Subroutine Error

Good day 

I have encountered and Error within Abaqus Cmd prompt after numerous trial and error installations and path designations. Below is a display message retained from the cmd stating every system environment has been passed but stil no abaqus subroutine available?Using Abaqus 6.10 +VS2008+Fortran 11.1 installed in that order. Below is a display message from the prompt. Any suggestions would now be appreciated. Regards

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Impact Force plotting using Abaqus/Explicit

Hello Everyone

I am trying to simulate material dumping process from shovel onto mining dump truck. And for that i am using Abaqus/Explicit.  When i plot the contact force of material falling onto truck body under gravity, it gives me the maximum value of 0.12e+11, where as a simple theoretical analysis shows that the resulting impact force for 100 tons of material falling under gravity should be 9e5 N. I am not been able to understand the reason that why Abaqus /Explicit is exaggerating the impact/contact force so much. And i dont know how to correct this thing.

Abaqus 3d Tunnel model


im making a 3d model of a tunnel excavation and its subsequent settlement using abaqus.

i have made a model in which the tunnel is excavated to a certain section. but my problem is that i cant simulate the progress of excavation. for example a model in which the tunnel gets excavated in 2-meter steps. and in each step 2 meter of soil gets excavated.

i have searched the internet and i think there are plug-ins which can help doing this. can anyone tell me how i can download such plug-ins? or introduce me another way to model the progress of the tunnel excavation?

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For some educational purposes, I need a 2D Dislocation Dynamics Matlab Code.

For some educational purposes, I need a 2D Dislocation Dynamics Matlab Code. How can I find it?

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WEBINAR - Introducing 3Dlab and New Features for Multi-Disciplinary Optimization in TURBOdesign Suite 6 | 30th September

TURBOdesign Suite is a unique aerodynamic and hydrodynamic 3D design software package that allows users to design, analyze and optimize all types of turbomachinery, such as axial, mixed-flow, or centrifugal pumps, compressors, fans, turbines and torque converters.

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Could you tell me know which criteria if satisfied, the abaqus give this error "one of your elements distorted excessively"?

For test reasons of abaqus work, I have defined my material properties (stress-strain behaviour) up to strains of 15! However, even in this condition some of my elements reaches this strain value and distorted. I want to know which calculation the abaqus software is using to report a distortion error? 

Actually can we define our material behaviour in a way that, it would not distorted at all?




Some Linux Commands


This isn't majorly a Mechanics post but I've noticed that a lot of people have started using HPC's (which use Linux OS almost all the time), and Linux OS based desktops. It's slightly difficult for people to begin using linux but once you do there's no turning back. Here I aim to create a Linux Command cheat sheet that one can refer to. Or just have it printed and kept in the lab. 

Most of these were borrowed from but I've added in some more explanations and commands.


Software for composites

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what is the reason for Large element deformation?

Hi my Friends,

I am doing abaqus run for a copper specimen under hydrostatic pressure. The magnetude of pressure is in order of several Giga Pascals. In my material definition, I have defined stress-strain flow up to strain of 0.4. But as you can see in attached photo, some elements show very large deformation (considerably larger than 0.4). Knowing that I have not defined stress strain behaviour for srain greater than 0.4, how this can be occure? Unfortunately, niether adaptive meshing nor element deletation were not eliminate this issue!!


Best Thanks

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Subroutine DFLUX in ABAQUS

Dear Mechanicians,

time and again the question of modeling moving heat sources pops up, often in the context of laser heating.

One can achieve this using the subroutine DFLUX in ABAQUS.

I decided to post some links here to avoid responding with a longer explanation to every individual seeking assistance.

Please note that I have never worked with any one of these codes and have no access to ABAQUS at present.

No warranty is given by me.

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ABAQUS built-in SMA model

Dear Mechanicians,

time and again the question of SMA (shape memory alloy) modeling pops up.

In ABAQUS, you can achieve this only by (V)UMAT coding or by using the little-known built-in SMA model.

In the past I have frequently responded to queries on SMA modeling and could refer to a customer help site of SIMULIA. That site is down, regrettably.

I decided to post the files here to avoid responding with a longer explanation to every individual seeking assistance and uploading the files as E-mail attachment every time.


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