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Hydrogel ionotronics, Canhui Yang and Zhigang Suo, Nature Reviews Materials, 2018


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Design of robust superhydraphobic surfaces, Dehui Wang, Zuankai Wang, Robin H.A. Ras, Xu Deng, et al., Nature, 2020

Superhydrophobic surfaces have promising applications in various medical and engineering applications; however, these surfaces, either via physical and/or chemical methods, suffer from one major flaw- extremely vulnerable to mechanical damage, so lose superhydrophobicity easily in practice.

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Impact-resistant nacre-like transparent materials, Yin, Hannard, Barthelat, Science, 2019



Propose and fabricate nacre-inspired glass panels (50x50x3) that possess large-scale tablet sliding toughening mechanism, is 2-3 times more impact resistant than conventional laminated and tempered glass, and maintains transparency, high strength/stiffness.

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Layered nanocomposites by shear-flow-induced alignment of nanosheets, Chuangqi Zhao, Lei Jiang, Mingjie Liu, Nature, 2020


Good papers clearly state their novelty/significance, scientific question, and key of how in the abstract, and the writing is clear and coherent, despite the depth and complexity of the work.



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Graphene reinforced carbon fibers, Zan Gao, et al., Xiaodong Li, 2020

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