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Viscoplastic OR elasto-viscoplastic simulation

When reading papers about visco-plastic or elasto-viscoplastic simulation, all authors only say that the orientation of grain used in the simulation can be randomly generated, and does not refer to how to generate them. I know the orientation of grain can be expressed by Euler angles (phi1, ph, phi2), but can someone give me advice how to generate euler angles?

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Discuss the derivation and numerical calculation of Eshelby Tensor


In the micromechanics, the Eshelby tensor is always encountered. Now, i am trying my best to solve this kind of problem.

The problem confusing me now is an integration about Fourier integral.

If someone has paied attention to this problme, can we discuss together!!!

Thank you very much for your attention!!!

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May be a simple Problem-about fourier transformation in Li shaofan's book

Hi, thanks for your attention!!!

I have recently read the book, Introduction to Micromechanics and Nanmechanics, written by ShaoFan, Li. This is
really a good book for the freshmen who are interested in
micromechanics area. 

But one problem puzzled me for along time,  the puzzlement i have put it in the attached file.

If you know the answer,please tell me. You kindly reply will be great appreciated! Thank you very much!!!

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Solve Navier type function with Green Function and Fourier Transformation

I am a freshman in micromechanics area. Many books and papers always say the linear elastic equilibrium equation(Someone also called Navier type function) could be solved with Green Function and Fourier Transformation, but without details. May be the writers think anyone should know these two popular methods in solving the PDE. I have search many books(both mathmatic and mechanics), However, there are little information about solving the navier type function with those two methods. 

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Why always warning Comment field is required

I want to reply to other people's comment , but when I finish the reply and clikc the "post comment" it always warns comment field is required , I Do not know what is wrong. If someone knows the problem, please tell me, thank you very much!!!

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Self-consistent Modeling of plastic and viscoplastic polycrystalline materials

I am a freshman of researching the macro response of  metals with micromechanics scheme. Now,I have to build a  self-consistent modeling of plastic and viscoplastic for polycrystalline materials. However, it seems difficult for me as I have little knowledge of polycrystalline and its mechanics propertities.

If you know some systematic books or papers about my research area. please let me know. Your kindness will be great appreciated!!!

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