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Funded post-doc position in Lorient, France

Virtual forming of electronic components made of copper alloys

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Post-doctoral position at LGCGM (INSA-Rennes) and IRDL (UBS-Lorient)

This study is dedicated to the characterization and modelling of the mechanical behavior of a titanium alloy under complex strain paths representative of incremental forming. A combined experimental and numerical approach is to be developed. A commercial alloy in sheet form is considered (cf. attached file for a full description).

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PhD - Lorient (France)

Virtual forming of metallic sheet materials: influence of complex strain paths in service life prediction

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Post-doc position - Lorient - France

Physics and mechanics of beta TiMo alloys - Application to forming

The aim of this project is to investigate and model the thermo-mechanical behavior of beta-stabilized titanium alloys from room temperature up to 500°C, as a function of the chemical composition and up to rupture (cf. attached file).

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PhD position in France, with ESI Group

Virtual forming of metallic sheet materials: prediction of forming and in-life behaviors within an integrated approach

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Post-doctorate position in mechanics of materials

Position starting at the beginning of 2015, in LIMATB (France) - - on the subject: Modeling plastic instabilities (PLC type) developing under various strain paths



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Esaform 2015 & Integrated design

We organize at the next Esaform conference, that will take place in April 2015 in Austria (, a symposium on « Integrated design, modeling and reliability assessment in forming » or I-DMR (MS19).  The idea of this symposium is to optimize plastically formed parts obtained from a multi-step strategy, focusing on the technological processes' efficiency as well as the structural performance of the final components.

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