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PhD position related to Industry 4.0

The objective of this PhD is to design a demonstrator at the laboratory scale of complex, multi-step forming process for thin sheet of metallic materials, to provide a large amount of smart data to test the reliability of the numerical prediction of the final state of the material, e.g., the deformed geometry and the residual stresses. The technology readiness level (TRL) of this project is around 2-3 and no direct industrial application is aimed at.

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Funded post-doc position in Lorient, France

Virtual forming of electronic components made of copper alloys

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Post-doctoral position at LGCGM (INSA-Rennes) and IRDL (UBS-Lorient)

This study is dedicated to the characterization and modelling of the mechanical behavior of a titanium alloy under complex strain paths representative of incremental forming. A combined experimental and numerical approach is to be developed. A commercial alloy in sheet form is considered (cf. attached file for a full description).

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PhD - Lorient (France)

Virtual forming of metallic sheet materials: influence of complex strain paths in service life prediction

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Post-doc position - Lorient - France

Physics and mechanics of beta TiMo alloys - Application to forming

The aim of this project is to investigate and model the thermo-mechanical behavior of beta-stabilized titanium alloys from room temperature up to 500°C, as a function of the chemical composition and up to rupture (cf. attached file).

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PhD position in France, with ESI Group

Virtual forming of metallic sheet materials: prediction of forming and in-life behaviors within an integrated approach

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Post-doctorate position in mechanics of materials

Position starting at the beginning of 2015, in LIMATB (France) - - on the subject: Modeling plastic instabilities (PLC type) developing under various strain paths



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Esaform 2015 & Integrated design

We organize at the next Esaform conference, that will take place in April 2015 in Austria (, a symposium on « Integrated design, modeling and reliability assessment in forming » or I-DMR (MS19).  The idea of this symposium is to optimize plastically formed parts obtained from a multi-step strategy, focusing on the technological processes' efficiency as well as the structural performance of the final components.

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