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numerical simulation

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Post-doctoral position at LGCGM (INSA-Rennes) and IRDL (UBS-Lorient)

This study is dedicated to the characterization and modelling of the mechanical behavior of a titanium alloy under complex strain paths representative of incremental forming. A combined experimental and numerical approach is to be developed. A commercial alloy in sheet form is considered (cf. attached file for a full description).

Research engineer position at Cenaero in machining simulation, Belgium

The position concerns contribution to the development of Morfeo, a manufacturing oriented finite element software. For any of the project activities, the candidate is expected to develop the numerical methodology up to industrial maturity. First of all, the candidate will contribute to machining oriented development. Morfeo relies on an innovative approach based on level sets in order to easily handle complex industrial applications. Developments include general modeling of the machining process, remeshing techniques, new boundary conditions, parallel implementation of the algorithms. Targeted applications include e.g. prediction of the distortions generated by the clamping system and relaxation of residual stresses during turning of large-scale components.

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Postdoc Position in Structural Mechanics


At Leibniz Universität Hannover, Institute of Structural analysis, a Postdoc position is currently available in the context of a three year project on cracks in photovoltaic modules. The objective of the project is the development of numerical models to simulate microcrack initiation and propagation in photovoltaic modules. The project will be carried out in close collaboration with a renowned solar energy research institute and an industrial partner.   

Material model for high cycle fatigue

In fatigue analysis, it is common to use S-N curve from database for spesific material, and some time for spesific way of loading. Is there any way to predict fatigue from direct simulation? For example, giving cyclic loading (10^5 times) and the material will suffer damage and eventually failed. In some FEM codes (MARC, LSDYNA, etc) there is Lemaitre-Chaboche model used to analyze material behavior under low cycle cyclic loading.

 Thanks in advance

Material model of Kevar composite for Impact problem

I am looking for material model of Kevlar composite for Ballistic impact simulation. Presently i am using ANSYS. Can any body suggest material model for kevlar composite for fracture and penetration phenomina.

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