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Material model for high cycle fatigue

In fatigue analysis, it is common to use S-N curve from database for spesific material, and some time for spesific way of loading. Is there any way to predict fatigue from direct simulation? For example, giving cyclic loading (10^5 times) and the material will suffer damage and eventually failed. In some FEM codes (MARC, LSDYNA, etc) there is Lemaitre-Chaboche model used to analyze material behavior under low cycle cyclic loading.

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Dear Chali,

Look at the discussion on It is a bit lengthy, but the answer is yes, you can do it, but usually you need to use some specific fatigue solver, which serve as a post-processor of FEA. There are some nuclei of fatigue solvers in common FEA packages as it is e.g. in Ansys, or in the free FEA solver Code Aster, but I do not know very much about them. You can test my own  PragTic fatigue solver, which is also freeware or to buy some commercial fatigue solver (look on

Good luck in your search



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Xiao-Yan Gong, PhD

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