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Failure Criteria for Fiber Analysis


I am trying to include a failure criteria for a single yarn in a plain- weave fabric model.The yarns behave as elastic-brittle( That is there is no plastic deformation)
I have the failure stresses and strains data in both fiber and transverse directions.I have  included the following properties:

Material definition
Elastic : engineering constants
Viscoelastic: Relaxation test data

Compression Testing of alumina ceramics


Hi all ,

We were doing compression testing of alumina using Instron compression testor. plates used to compress the specimen is made up of Steel. When we applying load in elastic region we are not able to see right deflection because of compliance. Deflection of alumina is not clear as we are getting lots of compliance error. Has anyone faced similar problems. Is changing the steel plate and using any hard material in place of steel is the solution.



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