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fabric model

pullout in fabric model in abaqus


 I am trying to model pullout behaviour in abaqus. i generated my 3d model with the help of texgen and i am applying velocity b.c.s to simulate pullout. I am expecting that NFORC beneath the point of applying velocity will give the pullout load. am i correct?. If not, wat will fetch my query?

if my sum up the reactions at the boundary i may not get the pullout load becoz of the frictional force between the fabric interface. 

Failure Criteria for Fiber Analysis


I am trying to include a failure criteria for a single yarn in a plain- weave fabric model.The yarns behave as elastic-brittle( That is there is no plastic deformation)
I have the failure stresses and strains data in both fiber and transverse directions.I have  included the following properties:

Material definition
Elastic : engineering constants
Viscoelastic: Relaxation test data

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