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sir, need help regarding modeling of pyro ejection load where full structure is in airborne..


please help ...


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need help in ansys


I need to find out kinetic energy of the element in the harmonic analyis problem of a plate.

i am using ansys /post1


but no data is stored on the lable KE

please help and suggest some other means to do the same...or the correct method of issuing this command ..





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ansys command using IRLF,1



i m little bit confused about doing inerta relief command analysing free free model...such as aircraft....

i have an quey that.. if command IRLF,1 used in ansys for static analysis... but model is in dynamic ?

what will be the the displacement and stress plot using IRLF,1 command....will these simmulate the correct model??


please guide me in this regards..


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need help in Ansys static analysis

sir ,i ahve some problems in use ansys element CERIG,MPC 184 and RB3 elements....what is difference in transfering loads to slave nodes using MPC184 elements and command CERIG and RBE3 ..


and also why mass21 elements are required if u defining coonection usimg CERIg and RBE3 command..


plz...advice and clarify my doubts to understand better..


thanks and regards..



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