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Structural Engineering in 20 years time??!

Since early 60’s the world of structural engineering has been revolutionised. The advance development in science and technology resolved those issues raised by pioneer engineers but at the same time introduced complications into the world of engineering never known before. The question is where we see structural engineering within the next decade. How do we think it will evolve?

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This is a great news for all students here in iMechanica! The formation of a study group which will focus on the basic concepts and the facts of daily research, the simple tools that any of us will need at a certain stage. Please see blow the formation of this idea and add your comment, it would be good to know other points of view as we can improve the initial idea step by step.

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"Students Turn"

Here is a hot topic" Overlaps in our knowledge structures " on iMechanica for all of the students!! This belongs to how students iMechanica can be developed or how students can improve it! Please read the comments and let the others know your ideas about this developements. You will find some suggestions there also. With all students ideas collected, there will be a solution to improve current situation for students section. I can say that page and comments are just for students to say how they like their iMechanica to be. Thank you.

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