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EML New Year Message

Dear Friends of EML,

Happy New Year! 

2020 was an extremely challenging year for all because of COVID 19. For most of us, the lockdowns and work from home negatively impacted our research activities; for some, it provided a time to reflect on the value of our work; and, for a few, it presented an unusual opportunity to explore new directions of research.

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EML Vol 19 is out

EML Vol 19 is out, with 7 papers. It is quite fascinating just to read the titles! There are papers on mech behaviors due to interactions within complex structures such as nanofibers in vesicles (cover), novel structures with hierarchically synchronized deformations, and mechanochemically augmented composites. There are studies of cool materials from twinning phosphorene to single layer borophene. And there are papers on methods (full-volume displacement mapping with dualMRI) and device (triboelectric generator). Can’t wait to read the content!


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Jie Yin of Temple U wins EML YIA

Prof. Jie Yin of Temple University has been selected as the recipient of the 2017 EML Young Investigator Award for his paper "Design of cut unit geometry in hierarchical kirigami-based auxetic metamaterials for high stretchability and compressibility" in EML 12, pp77-85 (2017). Congratulations!

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EML is born

Dear Friends,
Let me assure you that we (the editorial team) are just as anxious as you are to see what kind of papers are published by EML, with similar anticipation as one looks at a new born baby for the first time.  Does the baby girl have big eyes like her mother? Or does the baby boy have little hair on his head like his father? Or the baby is just different, different from all other children, and beautifully so.

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