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Natural Frequency Extraction in conjunction with UMAT in ABAQUS


We are using the user subroutine UMAT in ABAQUS for varying the material properties in a thin plate. For any static analysis this subroutine is working perfectly fine. However, while using UMAT during natural frequency extraction, ABAQUS is not completing the analysis and is giving a very vague following error message in the log file:

Varying material properties spatially in ABAQUS


In an ABAQUS 2D-planar model, is it possible to vary the material properties spatially, say defining modulus (E) as a function of coordinates, E = f(x,y)? One way is to use *DISTRIBUTION feature, but that allows variation based on element-sets and does not allow varying the material properties as function of coordinates. If anyone has solved this or similar problem kindly suggest.


Thank you


Using Fortran compiler pgf90 with ABAQUS-6.9

A problem we are trying to solve in ABAQUS-6.9 involves user defined Fortran subroutine to be compiled by ABAQUS. The default compiler used by ABAQUS is ifort, but what we have is pgf90. Is it possible to make ABAQUS use pgf90 compiler instead of the default ifort ? How?


Thank you

Vaibhav Yadav

Opening for new Ph.D. students in the Computational Mechanics group, The University of Iowa

The Computational Mechanics group at The University of Iowa, led by Professor S. Rahman,
is looking for new Ph.D. students, who are capable of and interested in performing
high-quality research on reliability-based design optimization.  The research, supported
by NSF and others, entails developing new theory and efficient algorithms for stochastic
computing and design optimization. A solid background in mechanics and elementary
numerical analysis is a must; some exposure to uncertainty and probabilistic methods is

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