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reliability based design optimization.

LRET Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Reader in Safety and Reliability Engineering: University of Aberdeen

School of Engineering
LRET Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Reader in Safety and Reliability Engineering

Reference Number 1231244

Building on a 20-year track record in safety engineering, the School of Engineering at the University of Aberdeen in partnership with The Lloyd's Register Educational Trust (The LRET) is establishing a centre of excellence for research and teaching in the safety and reliability of engineering systems, structures and processes.

First-order reliability method (FORM) for Matlab?

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I am wondering if there is a source code for first-order reliability method (FORM) or second-order (SORM) available out there, ideally for Matlab but others would be interesting as well.

If not, has anyone programmed this themself?  What literature source did you base it upon?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Opening for new Ph.D. students in the Computational Mechanics group, The University of Iowa

The Computational Mechanics group at The University of Iowa, led by Professor S. Rahman,
is looking for new Ph.D. students, who are capable of and interested in performing
high-quality research on reliability-based design optimization.  The research, supported
by NSF and others, entails developing new theory and efficient algorithms for stochastic
computing and design optimization. A solid background in mechanics and elementary
numerical analysis is a must; some exposure to uncertainty and probabilistic methods is

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