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Analysis time problem when combining UEL and UMAT


I have a model which includes damage propagation,heat transfer and effect of humidity. For damage analysis I'm using a UEL, and for the rest I'm doing a coupled thermal- displacement(CTD) analysis using UMAT and UEXPAN. The analysis starts with applying a load of humidity and temperature from 0 to a final value, and then in STEP2 I apply a cyclic load in a same range.

Crack propagation in composites in presence of shear and pressure loads


Assume that we have a composite structure consists of isotropic layers with
a delamination (separation) between the layers. There is a compressive load
applying normal to layers surfaces and hence normal to the
delamination (crack) which closes the delamination, and a shear load tangential to the
crack surface.

the order of shear force is much smaller than the compressive load. can the
delamination propagate du to this shear force?

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