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Professor Christian Miehe passed away

Unfortunately Professor Miehe of Stuttgart  University passed away on last Sunday, Aug 14. 2016.


Those willing to pay their last respects to Professor Christian Miehe
may take the opportunity to participate in the obsequies, taking place
in the Laurentiuskirche, Reinbeckstraße 8, 70565 Stuttgart (Rohr), 2:00
pm on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016.

Which one do you like to work with?

I am very happy and proud to be familiar with a great community of researchers from top professors to diligent students. As a small part of this community I have a question for you and appreciate it, if you answer it from your point of view:

Which type of student or researcher do you prefer to work with?

1. A person who has been focused on a small variety of topics and does research and has expertise somehow deep in a specific topic for example solid mechanics




Disclination mediated dynamic recrystallization in metals at low temperature

Recrystallization is one of the most important physical phenomena in condensed matter that has been utilized for materials processing for thousands of years in human history. It is generally believed that recrystallization is thermally activated and a minimum temperature must be achieved for the necessary atomic mechanisms to occur. Here, using atomistic simulations, we report a new mechanism of dynamic recrystallization that can operate at temperature as low as T = 10 K in metals during deformation.

Viscoelastic RVE for CNT Composites


I am Mohammad Aramfard senior student of mechanical engineering and I joined this
great forum yesterday, so I am not very familiar with regulations and rules.Laughing

I am working on modeling CNT composites using cylindrical RVE and I found up to
now that there isn`t a viscoelastic RVE for representing behavior of these

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