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Determining multiple contact pairs in Abaqus explicit


I want to know that is there a novel way of defining several two dimensional contact pairs in Abaqus/Explicit. I know that abaqus has the capability of defining a general contact but it is restricted only to Abaqus standard and 3D Abaqus explicit problems. 

I have a 2D plane strain problem where I have to specify more than 1000 contact pairs in the assembly between similar instances of the same part. Is there a fortran subroutine that could be used to determine so many contact pairs?




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Calibration of rate independent phenomenological plasticity models

I have a question regarding the experimental determination of rate independent phenomenological elaso plastic constitutive model.

Since the models are rate independent, does the strain rate in the experiments used to calibrate the model parametes have any influence on the model. I am talking about this in context to the Cap plasticity model used in Abaqus. One has to run a certain number of powder compaction experiments to calibrate the model.

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Plastic potentials/ Flow rules

I have a fundamental question regarding flow rules of finite plasticity models especially those used in soil mechanics. In most of the papers and books, I have seen the usage of an associated flow rule with the plastic potential similar to the yield surface. However, I am unable to understand the means of obtaining a non-associative flow rule. I am using Abaqus with cap plasticity model (modified Drucker Prager Cap model) to simulate powder compaction process.

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