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Time step increments in ABAQUS

HI everyone,

I am actually pretty confused about how to determine the correct time step increment in ABAQUS in a non-linear analysis. I first faced this problem when I used Hashins damage to capture in-plane shear response of the composite . The response which is bilinear graph depends a lot on the initial time step I give for the analysis i.e., for some time steps there is no bilinearity , only a single straight line. This has led to great confusion in my mind whether my model has a problem or whether ABAQUS itself has this problem.

Composite Layup ABAQUS


I'm trying to do simulation of a standard shear test of a composite specimen. Hence I'm using the composite layup  to create the section of my specimen. But I'm getting the following error no matter what i do. I have even tried the following tutorial but still I'm getting the same error. The link to the tutorial -  

I'm stuck here. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance :)


History output in ABAQUS

I have put a history output request of displacement of a set of nodes in my model but the history output request doesnt how up in the results tree. Please  help.

Thanks in advance Smile,


UMAT subroutine

Hey guys,      

               I'm new to using subroutines. I have installed the Intel Fortram Complier v10.1 and using it for running the subroutine UMAT. I am first testing the umat subroutine for Isotropic elasticity as given in the abaqus manual for a single element with one integration point, but I'm facing the following error:

Unexpected error 193

12/6/2010 2:14:08 PM

Abaqus Error: The executable D:\SIMULIA\Abaqus\6.10-1\exec\standard.exe

aborted with system error code 5.

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