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Time step increments in ABAQUS

HI everyone,

I am actually pretty confused about how to determine the correct time step increment in ABAQUS in a non-linear analysis. I first faced this problem when I used Hashins damage to capture in-plane shear response of the composite . The response which is bilinear graph depends a lot on the initial time step I give for the analysis i.e., for some time steps there is no bilinearity , only a single straight line. This has led to great confusion in my mind whether my model has a problem or whether ABAQUS itself has this problem.

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Contact issues in abaqus

Hi All,

I am dealing with contact problems. Can you please post if you have any information on how to resolve the general contact problems.

 thanks and Regards,


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Numerical singularity in Abaqus


Hi All,

many a times in abaqus, we get numerical singularity warnings. which are mainly due to rigid body motion in one or more directions. This will generally happen when there is contact closing and opening phenomenon is happening.  How can we resolve these numerical singularities? Please post if you have any additional information.

 Thanks and Regards


contact & Geometric non linearity

I am looking for acadmic material to address contact & Geometric (Large deformation) non-linearity problem. Can anyone provide the material to address these two concept in details.


Ritesh Parikh

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