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Scanning Valves Efficiently And Precisely Is Often A Nightmare


Traditional ways of valve inspection using a contact profilometer are making way for the more recent non contact valve inspection technologies. Even though many of the specs of surface roughness globally are set as per the findings by a contact profilometer the ease of non-contact inspection systems plus the speedier technique of employing the high tech valve inspection technologies are definitely behind why significantly more professionals are purchasing the newest non-contact profilometer.

Great things about a customized valve inspection set-up

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Profilometer software for NDT surface roughness inspection

Novacam 3D Profilometer Software

The Novacam three dimensional software programs are used with all Novacam Profliometers. The program permits the consumer to define how big the region, or line to be measured, along with the lateral resolution from the measurement.

Novacam's high end Data Acquisition Profilometer Software programs are incorporated with all of MicroCam non-contact profilometers.

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Profilometers using Low Coherence Interferometry used by NASA to measures thickness

Using a fiber-based optical profilometer NASA measures the thickness of liquid nitrogen in cryogenic chambers at its Propulsion Systems lab because these profilometers use fiber-based probes which can withstands the extreme environment, can be located hundreds of meters away from the interferometer and fit in the tight chamber which standard full-field profilometers with a human operator could not. The signal quality stays constant over the distance.

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