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Pushover on materials with softening in Abaqus

hello dear friends,


I am trying to conduct a pushover analysis on a 2D dam model by abaqus.the material is concrete and is modeled by damage plasticity. the problem is because of the softening issue ,while I apply force, the solution would not converge with a low magnitude of load and it remains elastic so I can not obtain a complete pushover curve. I have very little time to get the results so I appreciate anyone who would help.



energy dissipated in a cantilever beam


Hi there ,

 I am using modal analysis in abaqus to analize a cantilever beam that is subjected to an axial force. the material is elastic and Reighley damping is zero , but in order to define the parameters for analysis , there is a 5% damping for first mode. now , I want to obtain the dissipated energy of the beam through time. which energy output corresponds to the dissipated enrgy?

Is there a way to obtain the dissipated energy in elastic model with no damping at all?

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