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Graphene is softer to bend when stretched and bent and harder to stretch when bent and moderately stretched


In the attached paper, we have shown that concomitant bending and stretching, whatever their value, concur to make bending stiffness decrease; moreover, concomitant bending and stretching make the stretching stiffness (or the Young modulus) increase until the applied forces reach a threshold value, then they make it decrease. Said differently, graphene is softer to bend when stretched and bent and harder to stretch when bent and moderately stretched.


Pushover on materials with softening in Abaqus

hello dear friends,


I am trying to conduct a pushover analysis on a 2D dam model by abaqus.the material is concrete and is modeled by damage plasticity. the problem is because of the softening issue ,while I apply force, the solution would not converge with a low magnitude of load and it remains elastic so I can not obtain a complete pushover curve. I have very little time to get the results so I appreciate anyone who would help.



softening, weakening and localization

Hello, everyone

I am a little confused about the discrimination between softening, weakening and localization.

In my opinion, softening is against hardening, corresponding to the decrease of slope in the hardening curve.

weakening is for what?

Localization is about localized plastic flow. 

localization is a phenomenon that explain the softening, so "localization" can not give help for better simulation result. Is that coreect?

 Thanks for correcting the views above!

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Mesh sensitivity in stress based failure criterion


 I want to simulate filaure in cement mortar. I am using Rankine criterion for detecting failure. For propagating damage i want to soften element. Here can I suddenly reduce the stiffness of the element to a negligible value as soon as it reaches specified failure criterion. I read in some book about mesh sensitivity in stress based failure criterion but i could not understand.Can some body expalin what is its consequence of suddenly reducing stiffness of element to a negligible value. How mesh will effect.

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