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Quantitative/Qualitative Measurement of local strain analysng the microstructure

I've performed a fatigue experiment on aluminium.I want to observe the microstructure and make a qualitative/ quantitative analysis of strains based on observation the grains.Is there any technique that would help me achieve the objective?Could someone help me on this?


Me,being a novice in abaqus,could anyone tell me how to do a volume meshing in abaqus???Also,how to link a centre node to surface nodes in order to apply boundary conditions to centre node???

Mode 1 contours

Could anyone tell me why in abaqus,while running a 3D mode 1 fracture analysis,I am not getting the same type of contours on either end of the thickness,i.e.i mean, front and back??While in front side i am getting all the symmetric contour plots,including the red part which shows the highest in the legend,while the back side is devoid of it

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