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Emergency Evacuation aboard Vessels and platforms

in the event of an emergency, the need to ensure that all personnel are evacuated can not be overemphasized as a value can not be placed on a single human life, as such safety procedures requires that evacuation must be in place, the Chevron rig explosion aboard KS ENdeavor is a typical example  out of 154 personnel aboard the vessel 152 were safely evacuated [1]. can this be termed as successful?, could the loss of lives have been prevented? when is the ideal moment to abadon a rig in the event of an incident occuring?

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Engineering Judgment and Safety

In engineering design , the phrase "Good Engineering Judgment" is often repeated over and over again. "Engineering Judgment" refers to the decision made by an engineer based on the available data to propose a design or a line of action. In the absence of convincing evidence, engineering judgement seems to be the only recourse, yet in words of Richard Feyman  in his book about the investigation of the accident that destroyed the Challenger space shuttle  “When I hear the words ‘engineering judgement’, I know they are just going to make up numbers” (Feynman, 1993).

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