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Basic problem in ABAQUS/CAE

Hi, i have a simple problem.

Basic problem in ABAQUS/CAE

I am simulating a cube of sides 10 units. I have applied the
load as pressure of 16 units at top. The cube is meshed by usign a
global seed size of 5. It means, there are 9 elements and 27 nodes
(using C3D8R). I have used the material property of steel for instance.
The base of the cube is fixed and the sides are allowed to move
vertically.  Now i want to calculate the nodal force at the centre of
the cube i.e. at the centroid of the cube (not in the centre of any of
the exterior sides). 


ABAQUS Post processing

I have modeled a pile which was made to penetrate at a constant rate (Displacement controlled loading) into the soil. The steps were divided into geostatic, contact and Applied load steps. After the program runs successfully, i am facing difficulty in extracting the results.

 I want to plot the load vs. displacement curve at the bottom of the pile.  After i have summed up all the nodal forces at the bottom of the pile, the total load was coming quite less as compared to the applied Load/Displacement.

ABAQUS Analysis

How to differentiate between the analysis of a "hollow pile with closed top and an open end" with "vented top and open ended pile".


After applying compressive load at both the pile tops (closed and vented), i have obtained/observed that the vented pile is offering higher resistance to penetration as compared to closed top pile.


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