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1 Postdoctoral Positions in Computational Cell Mechanics @ University of British Columbia, Vancouver - Canada

1 postdoctoral position is open for a multidisciplinary project related to the mechanics of the cytoskeleton and the adhesion of cells on collagen substrates. The position is in co-supervision with Prof. Mattia Bacca and Prof. Gwynn Elfring in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UBC, Vancouver – Canada. It is carried on in collaboration with the BC Cancer Research Center and the Biomedical Research Center at UBC.

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1 PhD opening for Theoretical and Computational Micromechanics of Soft Biological Materials

We are looking for an energetic and highly motivated Ph.D. student to work on Theoretical and Computational Micromechanics of Soft Biological Materials. The project will be focused on studying biological gels and cytoskeletal mechanics.

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