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Are we going away from mechanics?

Hi all,
            Let me clarify first. The topic is not about is going away from mechanics or not.


      While we refer papers from say early 1900 to 1980's we can see a lot of fundamental developments, especially in mechanics.  In case of solid mechanics, from linear elastic solid mechanics to plasticity and non linear solid mechanics, Continuum mechanics , visco-elasticity, micro polar elasticity, finite deformation problems and a lot more .

What is axis of pure rotation?

   The concept of axis of of pure rotation  ( or instantatious center of rotation)  is a bit confusing. The text books in engineering mechanics( Irvin shames , Beer & Johnston etc) tells that the locus of points in a body, which is (are) having zero veloity.   This fits  well in case of a 2D motion. As a limiting case of this we are assuming the center of rotation is at inifinity for a rigid body moving in a straight line

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