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A short-beam shear fracture approach to measure the mode II fracture toughness of materials with preferred interfaces

Increasing complexity of numerical simulations has made it important to obtain reliable experimental data for a variety of mechanical properties. Fracture properties are complex to measure but accurate data is often desirable for several challenging problems. We have developed a novel short-beam shear fracture approach in order to measure the mode-II fracture toughness properties of materials with 'preferred' interfaces.

Systematic Evaluation of Bonding Strength and Fracture Toughnessess of Adhesive Joints

We have carried out systematic experimental tests to evaluate the bonding strength and fracture toughness of adhesive joints. Our work has been published in Journal of Adhesion as one among the collection of papers honoring Prof. David Dillard for receiving the Adhesion Society Award for Excellence in Adhesion Science sponsored by 3M.

 Metal-polymer joint designs

Compression-after-impact response of woven fiber-reinforced composites

We have conducted an integrated experimental and numerical analysis to study the compression-after-impact (CAI) response of woven fiber-reinforced composites. Experimental Load-displacement curve for Gl/VE composites under compression-after-impact

Effect of the interfacial stress distribution on the material interfacial shear strength measurement

The interfacial strength is a very important material property for composite materials and other hybrid materials with different stress distributions. Will the interfacial stress distribution have a significant effect on the interfacial strength measurement?

Schematic of short-beam test with Iosipescu fixture

 Comparison between experimental and simulated fringe patterns

Project Tuva (Feynman's lecture series)

Here is an interesting link I came across while searching for the Feynman lectures -- Project Tuva.

It provides each of Prof. Feynman's seven lectures delivered at Cornell as a part of the Messenger lecture series. This format of posting lectures by Microsoft is absolutely amazing. I hope more such lectures especially videos of keynote lectures in leading conferences and congresses can be made available online.


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