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How to copy particular results from a text file to another in Matlab

!!!Hii every body!!! Wish you all a very good day!

I am searching for opinions how to copy particular results from one text files to anothers. (You may assume I have a text files , unformatted, like a paragraph, and then starts 3 rows and 2 columns numeric values. I have to delete all the characters/strings, just want those 3rows and 2 cols; or copy those 3rows and 2 cols, anyway... I want to extract those via Matlab). I know it may be stupid question nut I am confused :p :-)

Thanks in adv...

ABAQUS and Sizes!!!1

Hi everybody,

I want to model a biological cell, diameter of 10 microns! Then what should be the apporx. size in CAE? I am confused! I got to know that the minimum size of parts should be in mm, is this right. then how to solve the problem.

Thanks in advance


Abaqus Unit Consistency (micrometer)

Hi All,

Am confused, and messy with a very basic thing, Units! I am modelling spherical with radius in micro-meters (1m~10^6 u m). The shear stress and pressure , in the problem is given in Pascals (N/m^2), 414 and 890 Pascals respectively. What will be my values for them in Abaqus, if units are to be consistent. Please help and thanks in advance my fellow bright researchers.



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