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Monte Carlo potts and Phase field


I have very recently started with Grain growth modeling and am currently learning the various methods.

I have managed to reproduce the results of Chen et al., PRB, 1994 using the phase field model. I was now trying

to focus my attention on reproducing the result using the Monte Carlo Potts model, essentially the formalism described

in Tikare et al., Acta Mat. 1999. using a python program. The code is still very rudimentary and am sure there is a lot

Crack propagation simulations

Hi all,

Apologize if a similar thread was discussed elsewhere. I wanted to know as to currently, what is the

best method to simulate large geometries with cracks as in 3 or 4 point bending test and get factors like CTOD

etc. from such simulation in a physical manner.

I am also interested in crack propagation. As I understand FE requires a prior knowledge of the crack propagation.

What are the disadvantages of XFEM in terms of accuracy? Is there any review on discussing various methods including

Thermal stresses Abaqus

Hi all,

I have a  20 node hexahedral "Thermomechanical" element in our inhouse software which i am trying to validate against Abaqus .

The problem is, the displacements, nodal forces match exactly ( Just compared the max min values in the legends! and checked a few random nodes).

The Abaqus input file is attached:

The problem is as follows:

One single element is chosen with a linear elastic material model (Some parameters are chosen in an unphysical manner but here the idea is

to just validate the implementation):

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