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thermal stress

Thermal stresses Abaqus

Hi all,

I have a  20 node hexahedral "Thermomechanical" element in our inhouse software which i am trying to validate against Abaqus .

The problem is, the displacements, nodal forces match exactly ( Just compared the max min values in the legends! and checked a few random nodes).

The Abaqus input file is attached:

The problem is as follows:

One single element is chosen with a linear elastic material model (Some parameters are chosen in an unphysical manner but here the idea is

to just validate the implementation):

why thermal stress is self equilibrating

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 

Thermal stress does not develop when the free displacement is not constrained. How is this related to the term self equilibrating?


Say, I have a plate with the upper and lower surfaces at two different temperatures. The plate is not having any other constraint to prevent themal expansion. Why thermal stresses will not be generated in this case ( because of temperature gradient)?



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