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Plasticity Data in Vumat

Hello everyone,

  I am using a VUMAT with isotropic hardening in my three dimensional model. Can someone tell me how is plasticity data passed into this subroutine? In VUMAT for kinematic hardening we define the yield stress and hardening modulus along with E and poisson's ratio in *User Material. I did not find any isotropic hardening VUMAT examples in manual. Do we define the hardening modulus or the yield stress-plastic strain data in isotropic hardening VUMAT? I will be really thankful if anyone can help me.


Thank you


Cohesive Element Density

Hello everyone,

Different Cohesive Section

Hello Everyone,

  I am modeling cohesive layer(defined as a part) resting on a rigid body. I am trying to give different cohesive properties to the same cohesive layer. So I created 6 cohesive sections by partition. 3 sections have one cohesive property and the other 3 section have the second cohesive property. I have assigned sections through Abaqus/CAE. During the data check itself the job terminates with an error

Calling UMAT in abaqus


 I am trying to figure out how to call UMAT through the abaqus command. I have a local abaqus licence. How do I get into the command window to type in the commands? I have installed fortran. I am trying to run one of the examples in the manual which gives me the .inp file and .f file. I went through a number of forums and the manual which tells me to use compile_fortran and abaqus make commands. Can someone guide me through the procedure? I am using version 6.7-5.


Thank you 

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