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Academic Vacancy (Chair in Aerospace Engineering) at San Diego State University

There is an opening at San Diego State University (Department of Aerospace Engineering) for a chair position. The details regarding the department and the position, and modality of application are contained in the attached PDF document. Please feel free to forward this information to qualified colleagues/professionals who may be interested.

PhD position

This message is for excellent, potentially interested, and
very motivated students that desire to start a PhD study in the
Computational Science Research Center (CSRC) at the San Diego State
University (SDSU) located in California, USA.
The research topic is about the computational solid mechanics.
has a very prestigious record in the computational science and is the
15th center of this type in USA.

Elasticity "Exact" Solutions for Plates

Many of you developed Finite Element codes. These codes are usually quite complex. So you all know the importance of testing your results to see if what you programmed makes sense. The usual approach is to compare your FEM program with somethig already published. With this in mind, I designed a series of "lectures" on the topic of elasticity solutions for plates. You can find the details in

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