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In search of articles on mesoscale FE modeling of sintering

Hi. I'm now starting my PhD on a project on sintering of hard metal.

I'm doing a literature study, but I have failed to find any articles that uses FE analysis on the micro/mesoscale. All of them seems to handle this only with a homogenized model on the macroscale.
If I get to be picky, I would prefer something with hardmetal, but at this point, anything would be great.
I would also be very happy to find any suitable reading on FE-analysis on solid-liquid-pore mixtures.

Maybe papers from Somnath Ghosh at Ohio State would be useful. See this, for example,

"Homogenized material coefficients for a global displacement finite
element model are generated by VCFEM analysis using periodic
boundary'conditions on the base cell." Which suggests that they are using FE at the microscale, and not just an analytical homogenization technique. 


I have two papers: one in mod sim mater. science and engg and one in engg fract mech that have nanoscale fe element size and microscale geometry:

They are referenced below: for more details go to:

Tomar, V., 2008, Analyses of the role of grain boundaries in mesoscale dynamic fracture
resistance of SiC-Si3N4 intergranular nanocomposites, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, vol. 75, 4501-

Tomar, V., 2008, Analyses of the role of the second phase SiC particles in microstructure
dependent fracture resistance variation of SiC-Si3N4 nanocomposites, Modelling Simul. Mater. Sci.
Eng. 16 (2008) 035001.


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