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Spur gear geometry



I am a PhD student at Brunel University conducting my research on the noise and vibration attributed to spur gears in contact. I would like to ask for help from anyone who is an expert on gears for their opinion or direction in terms of reading material or thoughts on the limitations and design constraints of spur gear geometry. 


Ideally, All I am looking for is a book or refernce I can read to find out what are the limiting conditions when designing spur gear geometry, eg. The module of the gears in relation to the pressure angle and also the centre distance in relation to pressure angle. I have a lot of literature on spur gear geometry so that is not what I am looking form, rather any literature specifically identifying the limits of spur gear design parameters. HopeI am making sense to everyone.Any help on this topic is very much appreciated! Thank you in advance!


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A big source of vibration in spur gears stems from the variation in stiffness as the number of teeth in contact changes. You might find our paper "Sejoong Oh, Karl Grosh and J.R.Barber, Energy conserving equations of motion for gear systems, ASME Journal of Vibration and Acoustics, Vol.127 (2005), pp.208--212" helpful. You can download it at It also has a list of relevant references.

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