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Which program? ABAQUS, Comsol or Ansys

Hi all,

I am a PhD student at the first months. I have to choose a finite element software to study impact effect on biological soft tissues. After some web researches the softwares which seem to be more suitable are ABAQUS, Comsol Multiphisics and Ansys.
My intention is to develop an user defined material model considering the material as anisotropic porous-visco-elastic.
I would appreciate some suggestions/opinion. I am specially interested in dynamical simulations.


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Try to read something about LS Dyna, its very good software for dynamics problems. I think, when you want to deal with dynamics problems, LS Dyna it's better than Ansys.



Hi Peter,

I'll certainly do. The problem is that at my institute there are the programs above mentioned which I haven't used for dynamic simulations till now. I was a little bit pro-ABAQUS because it contains already libraries for porous material and related elements. But it seems that at maximum quadratic element are implemented.



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You should read this imechanica post:



Hello Giacomo

 I have to admit that I have no work experience with Ansys or Comsol, but I used Abaqus/Explicit for large deformation dynamical problems. I think it is pretty powerful.

My opinion is that you should use the one which gives you the better possibility to include your own material model into the calculatio. Abaqus has the UMAT/VUMAT interface where you can define your own material in a FORTRAN subroutine. I don't know whether Ansys or Comsol have such possibility.

You should not worry that Abaqus has only quadratic elements. Hierarchic elements or p-elements are beneficial mostly in small deformation elasticity problems. When plasticity is involved and in large deformation problems (e.g. crash) as the element distortion becomes excessive they lose their accuracy or even execute the calculation. Nearly all high speed dynamic simulations are run with linear elements. For a better discussion on that you may check Belytschko's book (Nonlinear Finite Elements for Continua and Structures).

 Regards, Andras

hi giacomo,

              I also suggest abaqus is the best when you go to dynamic problems.since in ansys it tough and time consuming to solve a simple dynamic problem.comsol is versatile and you can define the exact physics by the known governing equation of that physics.If you are strong in mathematics behind your problem you can choose comsol or abaqus is the best suited.



Hello Giacomo,

    I haven't used abaqus and comsol but I have worked 3 years at the channel partner of ANSYS. You can use ANSYS for pre/post processing and you can use Ls-Dyna for solution of the problem. ANSYS contains "shear response", "volumetric response" and "shift function" types of elements about porous-visco-elastic materials.


Best regards.


Thank you guys for all your precious comments. As always this blog is a precious point

I decided to start implementing a first model in ABAQUS, run some test and have a look at the results. After that I can better judge if it suits my research.



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