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Stiffness matrix from ANSYS

Hi All,

I want to find stiffness and mass matrix from ANSYS Classic. I found a method from internet. It is as follows.
1.Build your model normally. No need to apply boundary conditions
2. solu->New analysis->Substructuring
3.Sol->Analysis options    and give your substructure name
4.solu->Master DOFs->Define->Pick All->All DOF->OK
5.solu->solve LS
6. Click  UM->List->Other->Superelement Data     Set the name of your *.sub file, the name you defined in step 3, and set KOPT=Full Contents, then click OK
7.ANSYS will list super element data. Scroll down to:GLOBAL DOF SET NODES, LABELS=.Next ANSYS lists the order of the DOF vector for your global stiffness matrix.

But I couldn't find UM in step 6. Can anyone help me? Your help is hoghly appreciated.




Peter Rozsar's picture

UM is utility menu on the top of ansys window




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