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I am new for using abaqus , can anybody tell me how to apply the moving load on the bridge by using abaqus


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 I want extract  strain data as well as displacement data for the particular element or node   from abaqus odb it self ,by creating the python script , but i am new user of python , so that i dont know how to make python script , therefore anybody knows about the python coding kindly inform me

 Advanced Thanking you


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if you send me your email-adress i can send you a good introduction into handling .odb files with Python.



Hi Sebastian,

It would be good if you could send me the introduction of python script as well. My email is

Thanks a lot.



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My mail id:


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My mail ID :

Hi Sebastian,

Can you please share the introductory material about the Python script. It would be of great help to me as well. My email address is




Hi Sebastian:


we are also interested in getting "a good introduction" to python scripting with abaqus.

Here is my email address where you can post your document.

Thanks in advance.



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Dear friends,

Any body knows about the material property updation on finite element model with hlep of an experimental strain results  during static finite element analysis. I have accomplished a simplified fied analysis for a chosen idealized pi-girder bridge as a result which bending stress are compared with experimental bending stress to evaluate the material property. therfefore, this refined material property , i chosen to my finite element analysis to validate the finite element and experimental results but , i could not match those test results . so if any body knows about the material parameter upadation for finite element model please let me know.


With regrads


Structural engineer



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Dear friends

I would like to trasnfer SEM image into ABAQUS. In order to do this first we need to extract the vectorial coordinate of the binary image so that I converted SEM image into binary image by using MATLAB image processing tool box and thereafter I have to extrcat vectorial coordinate from that image that Idont know how implement. I kindly request pleae let me know the procedure

Advanced thanking you

Pandi PhD

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you can directly use open source software OOF to convert your SEM images to FE meshes and then use abaqus to carry out the FE analysis.

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Thank you so much for your answer. But I dont have that software. Is that free to download from internet.

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Dear fruends,

I need to know how to  generate random particle inclusion in the matrix. I request kindly give me some idea.


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Dear All, 

I have to specify different values of fracture Energy in each mode, for example Mode I, Mode II and Mode III particularly by using the principle of mode indepedent situtation, in the available commercial Finite Element Code ABAQUS. But I noticed that in the available commercial ABAQUS finite element code, where it is possible to define different values of fracture energy only if one adopt  mixed mode condition. It is because, the available interaction criteria such as  power law and BK which are allow to specify individually fracture energy for each mode but in such situations are mode are depedent.  Therfore, is there alternative method to specify the different values of  fracture energy for each mode in ABAQUS for the case mode indepednet condition?  


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