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crack propagation using XFEM

hi everyone my name is sarah

i am new to abaqus.i wonder if anyone can help me. i made a crack propagation model in 2D.unfortunately the crack wasn`t propagated. Only there was a separation between the two surfaces where the crack line is in between. How can i make the crack tip propagates through the line drawn?


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Hi sara

See this link:

I think it can help you.

If you have more Q. here is my email:

ask, if I know, answere it.

thanks alot Simorgh

i know this link . I did what it says. but there are warnings that say the degree of freedoms are not enough. how come ? i am using xfem where the  numbers of DOFs are  bigger than it should be!! Shall i build my own uel subroutine to overcome this problem?

Dear Friends,


Do you know if modeling crack with xfem in axisymmetric type can be modelled? i modelled crack with xfem in 2-D and 3-D. but i encounter an error when modelling it in axisymmetric one. please help me to solve the problem.


with the best,



Hey Ehsan,

Currently, XFEM in ABAQUS 6.11 can't be used to model axisymmetric problems, and it can use only 1st order linear continuum elements:CPE4, CPS4, C3D4, C3D8 and their reduced integration/incompatible counterparts, and 2nd order tetrahedron elments C3D10.

Ping Lu



Can you provide me Xfem tutorials using Abaqus?

Thank you.

Dear All,

I am a M.Tech Student doing research on Fracture Mechanics of Fibre Reinforced Composites using XFEM in ABAQUS.

achieve the goal, I started from Crack Initiation and Propagation for
isotropic material in ABAQUS using XFEM following this manual

It has two case:

1. Crack initiation and propagation
2. Propagation of an existing Crack.

For the first case, Maximum principle stress criterion has been used
and maximum principle stress has been set as 22e6. In result, in the
crack tip stress become about twice this maximum stress.But,  no crack
has been initiated.

I am begging for your kind attention to help me in this regard.

Waiting for your kind advice,

Thanks & regards,
Dipak Rakshit

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