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Impact and explosion mechanics in China

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Impact and explosion mechanics in China

Impact and explosion mechanics is a muti-discipline subject , which concern mechanics, physics, and chemistry. As you know, explosive wave propagation and penetration problems are researched in impact and explosion mechanics.

Contact problem and uncontinuous interface problem occur in impact and explosion mechanics, So Impact and explosion mechanics is so difficult to researchers. Differ from classical solid mechanic and dynamics, strain rate must be considered in dynamic constitutive equation. Usually, Fluid elastic and plastic model can be used in some explosion problems.

With military demand, Impact and explosion mechanics is researched in china. Some famous universities and Laboratories obtain much achievement about impact and explosion mechanics, such as CAEP(China Academy of Engineering Physics),USTC(University of science and technology of China),Peiking University, China Science Academy and so on.

Some book writed by Chinese language are listed:

Qian Weichang, Penetration mechanics(钱伟长,穿甲力学)

Zhu zhaoxiang&Wang Lili, Foundation of stress wave(朱兆祥,王礼立,应力波基础)

Ma Xiaoqing, Impact dynamics(马晓青,冲击动力学)

Jing Fuqian, Introduction of experimental state equation (经福谦,实验状态方程导引)


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Here is the contents for the course “Introduction to Explosives Engineering” taught here:

(1) Basic organic chemistry;
(2) Decomposition reactions;
(3) Properties of explosives;
(4) Thermodynamics of explosives;
(5) Shock wave theory;
(6) Detonation theory;
(7) Initiators;
(8) Gurney equations;
(9) Blast effects and demolition.

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The course on "shock waves"  may probably include:

(1) Propagation of waves in various media;
(2) Rankine-Hugoniot jump equations;
(3) Rarefaction wave and various wave interactions;
(4) Mie-Gruneisen equation of state;
(5) Conservation equations.

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Dear Huang Peng, 

郑哲敏(196?)提出的流体弹塑性体是一种兼有固体与流体特征的弹塑性模型. 这种模型自然、连续地描述了固体与流体间的过渡.



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So far to my knowledge, some best programs on Explosion Engineering in UK academic institutions are:

Extreme Loading and Design / Impact and Explosion, School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering, University of Manchester.

The concerned subject includes following topics:

Constitutive and hydrodynamic behaviours of engineering materials at high strain rates; Computational mechanics of impact and explosion effects
Crashworthiness of air/surface transportation vehicles (aircraft, automobile, train, ship); Crash barriers and energy absorbing devices; Safety of space shuttles (impact of taking-off debris, space debris); Engineering structures (pipeline, platform, industrial plant, nuclear power station) against accidental missiles, natural missiles and explosion ; Industrial operations (explosion manufacture, mining, excavation, demolition); Weapon effects (ballistics, detonation, penetration and perforation); Protective technology (protective construction, vehicle armors, body armors) against natural disasters, military attacks and terrorist threats

Fracture and Shock Physics, Cavendish Laboratory, Department of Physics, University of Cambridge.

Impact Research Centre, Department of Engineering, University of Liverpool

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So far to my knowledge, some best programs on Explosion Engineering in US academic institutions are:

Institute for Shock Physics, Washington State University

Lindhurst Laboratory of Experimental Geophysics, California Institute of Technology

Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

D.K. Wright Jr. Laboratory, Case Western Reserve University (more info)

Dynamic Inelasticity Laboratory, Northwestern University

Shock Compression Laboratory, Harvard University

The University of Missouri-Rolla is the first university in the United States to offer a minor in explosives engineering (2005).

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So far to my knowledge, program on Explosion Engineering in Japan academic institutions include:

Shock Wave Research Center, Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University

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     Fluid elastic-plastic method is a classical method to simulate mechanical and physical behavior of material in explosive loading.Maybe this method is given by scientists of SNL or LLNL in1960s.

     As you know, Fluid elastic-plastic model is named by Sir Zhengzhemin.I don't know the people who gives the Fluid elastic-plastic method firstly.Usually,Solid is regarded as a special material in explosive loading, which have both fluid and solid material property. Sphere stress is considered as pressure P, and P-V relationship is given by Gruneisen model. The relationship of  stress deviator and deformation is given by J-C model.

     My research object is to simulate penetration problem using Meshless Method, may be some numerical methods about fluid are in my research scope. Thank you for giving so much useful information.                                                        

                                                                                          Best regards

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Dear Peng,

I am very interested in your penetration simulation (

Can I know more details?

Thanks a lot.

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        I  am busy to learn Parallel Computation now,and no much time to come here.

Penetration  is based in Lagrange method,and is simulated using explicit FEM. Erosion method is used in this Penetration simulation.This simulation is a common example without special consideration.

      I know UMIST is very famous in research about Impact and Explosion Mechanics.I think you have a insight about Impact and Explosion Mechanics, and I know you are a lecture in UMIST.

     I start my research about Impact and Explosion Mechanics now,and have no excellent result to show.Maybe after one year,I have a good research result to show.

    My  topic is to research penetration problem in  earth-penetrating weapon.I have a problem about my research topic.Do u think only numerical simulation is enough to PHD? Maybe I need theory training about  penetration  problem.

                                                                                                    Best regards



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From the previous research experience on explosion engineering, I feel that without theoretical analysis you may be lost in what to simulate, but struggle with how to simulate.

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