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XFEM fatigue crack length

Hi all,

For my research I am using Abaqus 6.12 combined with XFEM crack propagation and direct cyclic analysis to asses the failure of bridge connections due to high cycle fatigue. Once propagation of an initially defined crack occurs I would like to plot the crack length at specific number of cycles. Is there an output request that can be specified that will measure that length of the crack as it moves through the simulation?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.



Hi Paula

I would like to simulate fatigue loading in XFEM using direct cyclic step with low cycle fatigue analysis.

I was reading the Abaqus documentation, which stated that you have to use both following options: surface behaviour and fracture criterion type = fatigue.

I am unsure how to apply the above.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I have the same problem, want to request crack length in history output after XFEM analysis but can't. Appreciate anyone can share their experience. Thanks in advance

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