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New book: Mechanics of Soft Materials

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This book is an outgrowth of lecture notes of a graduate course on mechanics of soft materials that I teach since 2009. The interest in mechanics of soft materials is triggered by the development of new engineering and biomedical technologies. Mechanical behavior of soft materials is strongly nonlinear from both physical (constitutive equations) and geometrical (large deformations) standpoints and the standard texts on mechanics of materials are not enough in this case. The nonlinearities make the subject challenging yet rich and exciting. 

In writing this book I tried to help the reader in starting her own research journey as quickly and painlessly as possible. For this purpose, I elaborated excessively on some formulas and included practically important numerical examples. Isotropic and anisotropic hyperelasticity is the core of the mathematical modeling in mechanics of soft materials. However, thermo-, chemo-, electro-, and visco- elastic couplings are also often required and they are introduced in the book. Though most of this book is about soft solids the last chapter introduces a general Eulerian elasticity-fluidity framework which is applicable to non-Newtonian fluids as well.

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Dear Konstantin,

Congratulations with a book! Hope it will be of interest to many our colleagues!


Best regards,


Thank you for such a nice initiative 


Konstantin Volokh's picture

Thank you guys!

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I look forward to buying it

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Dear Kosta:  I'm so happy to watch your work of many years come to fruition.  May your book reach many people. 

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Dear Zhigang,

Thanks for your kind words! Your group is the world biggest incubator of softies :) So your past, present and future students are the main readers of the book :))


Dear Springer,

That explains why the book is priced the way it is!


Dear Kosta,

I don't understand the soft materials. But knowing that you had written this book, I had to have a look at it. So, I registered with Springer as (ahem!) a Book Reviewer, and they even gave me an online access to it. ... Looking at the first chapter (the only one that I do understand (a bit)), it is very nifty, precise, brief and yet fairly complete (and in the right sequence). ... Also, unlike many other books of its category, there even are chapter-end exercises. (And, the main text of the book fits within just 160 pages. That is a big thing for me. Some time ago, I had written a rant about how American text-books these days routinely run into 800-1000 pages, and how I wished for books having < 200 pages.) ... All in all (to the extent I understand it), it's a very good effort!






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Dear Ajit,

Thnak you! I agree with you comletely :)

Yes I wanted it short and I did it :))



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Dear Kosta, 

Many congratulations on the publication of your book. I would certainly like to add it to my personal library.




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Thanks Shailendra!

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Mountain flow-viscosity

I highly rate this book. I have read Dr. Volohk's lecture notes, from which this book evolved, and use it as a reference to derive a constitutive equation for an anisotropic soft tissue with one family of fiber.  The explanation and derivation is very clear and easy to understand. Many graduate students and researchers will benefit from this book!

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Good book. well written

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