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Using Windows Live Writer to write offline and publish to your blogs

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When you use a desktop software, such as Microsoft Word, to write an entry and then paste it to iMechanica, the format often looks bad.  Instead, you can use Windows Live Writer to write blog post offline.  Installation takes about 5 minutes.  The Live Writer has a remarkably clean interface, and is very easy to use.

You can set up a list of weblog sites to contribute to.  You can write, edit and store an entry offline.  Whenever you feel ready, a click on the button "publish" will post the entry to your chosen weblog.  All the format will look right.

You can even insert an image.

To test the Writer further... 

  • I can also do inline spell check by clicking "abc" in the toolbar.
  • I can add a link behind a phrase.
  • I can only post blog entries, but not forum topics. 
  • When I change the title of a post, the Writer treats the post as a new post.  
  • I cannot upload an attachment within the Writer.  Of course, I can always click "edit" of my post, and add attachment.


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 I once tried a word add-in designed for, called Blogger for Word .

With this add-in installed, you can write blog post offline and publish to your blog. It offers similar fuctions with Windows Live Writer, but is exclusively for users.

Windows Live Writers supports multiple blog systems, e.g., blogger, wordpress, livejournal etc.  But it seems not supporting individual blogs in Drupal (?)

The problem of Blogger for Word I've experienced is that the publishing process is often failed by too heavy web traffic of I haven't been using it for a while. I'm wondering if Windows Live Writers suffers the similar problem.


Zhigang Suo's picture

Dear Teng:  Somehow I forgot to respond to your comments.  Sorry.  Here are a few points in response to your questions.

  • You can add weblog account to your Windows Live Writer.  In the task bar, click "Weblog", then select "Add Weblog Account".  After you fill in the website (, the form will ask for your user name and password.  Thus, Windows Live Writer supports individual blogs in Drupal.
  • You can even add multiple weblog accounts.  For example, I have added accounts of Zhigang Suo, admin, and Managers.  In you case, I suppose that you'd like to add an account for your Macroelctronics site.  If you have multiple accounts on your Windows Live Writer, each time you are ready to post an entry, you will need to select a weblog account.
  • So far I have not experienced any traffic problem that you mentioned.
  • Unfortunately, Windows Live Writer does not allow you to post comments to a weblog yet.
  • Somehow I haven't got tags working with Windows Live Writer, so that after posting the entry to iMechanica, I need to add tags by editing the post in iMechanica.

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