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Special Issue: Environmental Durability of Composite Materials and Structures

Dear Colleagues,

We are guest-editing a special issue of Applied Composite Materials (IF 2.3, an SCI-indexed journal of Springer, no publication fee) with a theme of Environmental Durability of Composite Materials and Structures. This Special Issue will provide a platform for researchers to share their latest progress in the study of the environmental durability of composite materials and structures. Topics of interests include, but are not limited to:

Hygrothermal durability of different types of polymer composites and degradation mechanisms.

Characterization techniques for the evaluation of environmental durability.

Development of theoretical and numerical models considering environmental effects.

Prediction of the load-carrying capability after ageing and life prediction.

Solutions and techniques towards better environmental durability.

Environmental ageing of engineering structures.

Design of composite structures considering environmental ageing.

As one of the leading researchers, we would like to invite you to contribute one manuscript from your group. The portal for submission will be open from 1st September 2023 to 31th August 2024. Detailed information regarding to submission can be found at the following link:

We are honored to invite Prof. Guangyong Sun to join our Guest Editor Team. Prof. Guangyong Sun is Editor of Thin-Walled Structures (TWS) and Associate Editor of Composites Part B. The impactors of journals of the two areas are summarized in the figures below. TWS and Composites Part B are seeing an encouraging rising in both the quantity and quality of submitted manuscripts. If your future work matches the scopes of the two journals, you are also welcome to consider TWS and Composites Part B for your next publication.

Kind regards, 

Yucheng Zhong

Guest Editor, Applied Composite Materials


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