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Finite Element Method

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The notes are attached. Return to the outline of the course.

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I want some codes in Matlab programe of FEM for conduction. You can share for me please

John Burkardt, at Florida State, has posted an excellent suite of Matlab routines for various partial differential equations.  They can be found here

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Thank you for your share. It's very kind of you. I have found these code for a long time.  


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I don't have any information on Matlab codes, but here is the search results if you type Matlab in the search box of iMechanica.  Hopefully you can find other mechanicians to help you.

In the FE formulation of beam element, generally, nodal displacement (v) and slope (θ) are taken as primary unknowns. What will be the obstacles if the nutral axis curvature (κ) is used instead of slope as primary unknown, along with nodal displacement?

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In developing weak forms for beams, the second derivation of weight function appears. So it is concluded that we need a C1 continuity element for beams. In order to use the C1 continuity between elements, the displacements and the derivatives of the displacement at the nodes must be degrees of freedom. So we should use slope (instead of curvature, which is second derivation of displacement). Also the loads imposed to the structure are considered force (that products displacement) and moment (that products rotation-slop) but we don't have such physical vision about what products curvature. So if we use curvature instead of rotation, we will face the problem of choosing load for that degree of freedom:d=[u1 θ1 u2 θ1]T : f=[V1 m1 V2 m2]Td=[u1 κ1 u2 κ1]T : f=[V1 ?1 V2 ?2]   

Wow, thanks you helped in my work. бсплатно скачать музыку

I want to solve the poisson equatio in cylinderical coordinate system.Please help me. 

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