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How to make a hyperlink?

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You are writing a post (A), and would like to make a hyperlink from a phrase (B) inside your post to a web page (C) somewhere else.

Here are the steps.

(1) Copy the URL of the web page (C). The URL is in the navigation bar at the top of your browser when the web page is loaded. If you would like to link to an individual post in iMechanica, click the title of the post, and the URL appears in the navigation bar. If the web page (C) is inside iMech, you can use the search box in the header of iMech and do a keyword search. On the result page, there is a list of titles. Locate the title of (C), point to the title, right click your mouse, and select "Copy link location".

(2) Inside the window where you are editing your post (A), highlight the phrase (B) using the mouse.

(3) In the toolbar just above the window where you are editing your post, there are many buttons. Most buttons are familiar ones if you use Microsoft Word. When you click the button that looks like a link, a small window pops up.

(4) Paste the URL of the webpage (C) into a field inside the small window. Then at the left bottom corner of the small window, click "Insert".

You have just made a hyperlink. It sounds complicated, but really is very simple when you give it a try. You will soon find alternative ways of doing it that suits you better.

Writing above instructions reminds me of the inadequacy of the written language for things like this. Try to write an instruction for how to ride a bicycle, and you will see what I mean.

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I made a video to demonstrate how to post in your blog, and how to add hyperlinks in your post.  See the video here.

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iMech uses a rich-text editor called TinyMCE. You can try out the buttons on this website.

I happen to use TinyMCE on my petition site. I had my coder implement it into the place where users actually create their petitions. I feel like it gives them a little more creative freedom.

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